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Post  Maureen [Admin] on Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:37 pm

New Version:
As you might have noticed i'm working on a new version. It's going to be very complicated and hard to create. I would love to have some idea's so i can entertain you all. Allthough you all play it so you suggestions are very good to me, So make sure you post some nice idea's. The new version contains a new layout,Pokemon,Banner,Navigation Bars,Links,Level up System,Breed Center, Shops, Egg Hatching system, Pokélist and New Legendary Area's. I plan to release the new version at May-June 2011. I might release a BETA Version or Release it earlier because i might be done then.

BETA Layout 100%
5 Legendary Area's (Includes 100 Search Pages EACH!) 7%
Banner 100%
Pokemon (incl. Generation 5) 0%
Pokedex 0%
Premium Account 100%
Navigation bars 100%
Links 32%
Level Up, Egg Hatch 0%
Rank Banners. 100%
Breed Center, Shops 10%

Pokegear. (Links)

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