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Discussion Rules

Post  Maureen [Admin] on Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:59 am

Update on 27 October 2010

When posting on SDRPG there are certain rules and conventions to posting that need to be followed in order for the forums to remain a fun and friendly place for other members. The following rules apply to all of SDRPG, and breaking them will result in a staff member verbally warning you not to do it again, or increasing your warn level according to the severity of the transgression. Repeated offenses will lead to restricted forum access, and eventually a full ban.

User Groups
On SDRPG we have a set of user groups. Here are these ranks from order to most to least amount of power on the forums:

Admin > Assistent Admin > Trial Moderator > Moderator > Advisor > Veteran > Member > Newbie

Note that once you are a Member you are allowed to change the line that says "Pokémon Trainer" under your avatar to anything you please via the My Controls panel.

Most users are likely to get nothing higher then the Member rank. Restricted users are users who have violated the rules several times and have a limited amount of things they can do on the forum. Once the member has shown good behaviour for awhile, they may be taken out of the Restricted group. Most people who become banned completely usually stay banned. Asking for a staff position (Advisor or up) is not condoned. The only way you will get into one of these higher groups is by the decision of the staff. So don't ask for it.

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