Group RULES (Read before Creating)

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Group RULES (Read before Creating)

Post  Maureen [Admin] on Thu Oct 28, 2010 10:08 am

Creating A Group
In order for your group to be created, and therefore appear on the forums, it must abide by the following rules:

1) No duplicate groups. This includes direct copies and groups that are highly similar to one already created. For a list of current existing groups and armies, refer to the SDRPG Groups List.

2) Your first post must included at a minimum: a brief summary of what the purpose of the group is, who it is for and any aims the group may have; a form for members to join with; any additional rules beyond those stated in the forum rules and here that may apply to your group; a member list. In addition, you may not make ridiculous rules for your SDRPG group/army that members must abide by. This includes forcing them to add you to their Friend List, It should also be well written and structured. Minor gramatical/bb code errors will be corrected for you upon approval however

3) Groups must pertain to SDRPG Groups for the sole purpose of advertising your or other related pokemon sites.

Note: Rejected groups are moved to the SDRPG archieve, with 'SDRPG Groups' added to the title to make them easy to find. Go there if you want to see some nice examples of what not to do. Here can you also see if your group is deleted.

Posting In A Group
When posting in the SDRPG Groups forum, you must abide to this set of rules in addition to the global Forum Rules.

1) Do not make posts in other group/army threads stating that your group/army is better, etc. This is considered

2) Abide by all the groups rules and joining policies.

3) If you have been banned from a group by its owner then please do not post in there. If you feel you have been unfairly banned, then contact a member of staff.

4) Do not post threads promoting a SDRPG group or army. You may, however, have banner, userbars etc for a group/army in your signature.

Guidelines For Group Owners
If you are a owner of a group, please read the following rules/guidelines;

1) You may ban a user from your group only if they have been breaking rules specific to your group and that are specified in the rules list on your first post. If they have broken a general forum rule or a rule specified anywhere in this thread, then please report use the report button as you would with any other post. Banning can be done by PM a staff member.

2) There is no limit on the amount of groups a single user can own, however please do be aware that running a group can be very time consuming, so only take on as much as you feel you can successfully manage.

3) If you wish your group to be remade, or ownership passed over to another user, please contact a moderator first to let them know what is going on.

4) If your group is dying an you wish to bump it, please seek permission from a mod first. In general, this permission will only be granted if a group has been inactive for several weeks.

5) Any group that has been inactive for over 2 months will be locked and there'll be send a message to the owner if he want to keeps his/her group. (therefore allowing a new group of the same theme to be made).

6) If your group is generating a large amount of reports and/or having to be frequently visited by a mod, then it may well be closed, just the same as any normal topic generating a large amount of spam would be.

7) Its is advisable to create a set topic for members to discuss in order to keep things on-topic and reduce spam.

8.) Only PM a SDRPG Mod, preferably myself or others, with issues regarding your group. Other mods have their own issues to worry about.

What to do:

1) If a member has broken a forum rule, (spamming, trolling etc) then the report button should be used in all cases, regardless of whether you are the Group's owner or not. Mini modding is not tollerated.

2) If a member in a group you are part of has broken a rule specific to that group, then report them to your Group's owner. If the Group owner fails to deal with the situation, then you may contact either myself or other moderators if you feel it is a serious issue.

3) If you are a group owner who is unhappy at the rejection/closure of your group, then we are happy to discuss any concerns you may have via PM only, assuming you are polite and reasonable.

Make Groups And Enjoy It. But Follow The Rules!
Maureen [Admin]
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